Furniture Cleaning

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Are you feeling uncomfortable with stains on your furniture? Then let Rejuvenate Upholstery Cleaning aids you to clean your furniture. We are one of the popular furniture cleaning Australia companies that accept all bookings and make sure none of them is clashing with each other. Moreover, we are a health-specific company and hence remove germs and allergens. The agents used for furniture cleaning are health-friendly.

Also, we work hand-in-hand with companies that release the newest cleaning equipment for furniture in Australia. You can even choose us after checking our track record with timely manner same-day and emergency services. Because this shows how important clients are to us. While cleaning furniture, we make sure to remove airborne pollutants other than grime and dirt.

Furniture Cleaning

What Role Does Professional Furniture Cleaning Play?

Cleaner your furniture, save the air around you to breathe and the chances of keeping your furniture from microbes are high. When you go for regular professional furniture cleaning quickly after spilt milk or finding mould patches, it extends the furniture’s life. Other reasons that show furniture cleaning importance are:

  • Maintains Appearance- If you keep your upholstery clean with the help of professional cleaners, then maintaining its appearance becomes easier. This way, even your furniture’s textures and bright appearance can be saved.
  • Improves Longevity- When your furniture becomes free of stubborn stains, and unusual odours, longevity improves. And this, in turn, results in helping you out of respiratory problems like asthma and allergies.
  • Healthier Environment- For a healthier indoor environment, furniture cleaning is always a safe option you can go for. It removes microbes and germs around to put you in a healthier environment.
  • Comfortable- If you want to keep feeling comfortable whenever you are on the furniture, cleaning is mandatory. Once cleaning is done with a certain professional process, then your furniture is all set to make you comfortable.
  • No More Stains- Stains become a part of your furniture if not for regular and professional cleaning sessions. However, with professional services, your furniture becomes free of not just stains, but also dust, mould, grime and odours.

What Is The Procedure We Follow For Furniture Cleaning Australia Service?

Our furniture cleaning Australia methods are what your furniture needs if they have stains and other issues. See how we work on furniture cleaning.

  • Pre-Inspection: We inspect the furniture in two ways, that is, do a visual inspection and specific testing. They are as follows:
  • Visual Inspection- The completion of visual inspection happens only when we check for the presence of stains. In addition to this, we also pre-inspect for the presence of odours, mould, microbes and allergens.
  • Specific Tests- The tests here involve colour fastness and fabric shrinkage tests. Both of these specific tests are done on inconspicuous areas of furniture fabrics.
  • Pre-Vacuuming: By complying with the standards of professional furniture cleaning, we do pre-vacuuming as well. And the vacuum cleaners used for pre-vacuuming have features such as the following:
    • High-performance
    • High-velocity
    • Suction feature
    • HEPA filtration
    • Cyclonic technology
    • Retractable power cord
    • Air volume indicators, etc.
  • Pre-Cleaning: However, here is the step that the furniture cleaning Australia procedure begins and it is known as pre-cleaning. With this step, loose debris and dirt particles will be removed. Later, we use a disposable clean towel to sweep the surface.
  • Main Cleaning For Furniture: The second stage of furniture cleaning is to get rid of grease, dirt, dust and loose other particles. This step involves different cleaning methods according to different fabric types like the following ones:
    • Steam Cleaning- High heat extraction technology is utilised to do deep cleaning. It is a moisture-free cleaning method.
    • Dry Cleaning- Cleaning powder of a generous amount is sprinkled and let it work out on the fabric. It uses no water to clean the furniture.
    • Foam Cleaning- Apply compatible foam solution over the fabric and allow it to sit on the fabric. Later, vacuum the area and find desirable outcomes of foam cleaning.
    • Carbonation Cleaning- It is one of the natural furniture cleaning methods that complete in just 4-6 hours. The main purpose of this method is to remove dirt and grime.
    • Rinse It: Following the step of main cleaning, we rinse using a mop, clean white cloth and squeegee.
    • Disinfecting The Furniture: Rinsing is followed by disinfecting the furniture as it kills all kinds of germs and allergens.
    • Final Rinsing: Then disinfecting solutions are removed using hot water and do a final rinsing. This is an optional step and will be used depending on the disinfectant type.
    • Drying: The final step is to dry the furniture surface using high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers. After that, we re-inspect the furniture.

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How Is Our Furniture Cleaning Different From Others?

One of the reasons why our furniture cleaning Australia team became different from others is that we disinfect the furniture thoroughly after cleaning. And this is the reason, we have a maximum percentage of people returning to us for regular furniture cleaning. If you want to know more about such reasons, here they are.

  • Professional Cleaning: We are well-trained in how to treat your furniture by tailoring a professional cleaning method. Your favourite furniture becomes dust, stains, odours and mould-free with our way of cleaning.
  • On-Site Service: For every on-site service we provide in Australia, we dispatch our regional team. We act according to the scheduled booking time to not a single minute as soon as we reach your place to do on-site service.
  • Industry Veterans: Furniture cleaning becomes easier if you get in touch with industry veterans like us. Because we have years of experience in how to clean a certain type in less time.
  • No Potential Residues: As we know how to use equipment and at what time, we assure to leave behind no potential residues. This benefit is available for every kind of furniture at your place in Australia.
  • Weekend Bookings: In addition to offering our bookings on weekdays, we accept your requests even on weekends. As such, once you book our furniture cleaning Australia team on the weekend, we immediately reach on a working day.