Best Couch Fabrics: 9 Types Of Couch Materials To Choose From

When you finalise the decision to own a couch, to prevent future regrets, take the time to choose the proper material for your couch. If you choose the correct material for your couch then you will be extremely happy with your decision for many reasons. It may be upholstery cleaning easiness, durability, fabric strength, colour and fibre mixture and more aspects. So, to prioritise elegance, strength and comfort, here we have discussed how to choose couch fabrics. You can check to make an informed decision for your couch fabrics. 

Best Couch Fabrics: How To Choose Couch Fabrics

There are various types of couch fabrics from which you can pick the correct one as per your choice. They are:

1. Leather

As an age-old favourite, leather is an obvious choice when it comes to a couch of any kind. There are many attractive choices as they come in a range of textures, colours, and finishes which are easy to maintain. They also deliver on visual appeal. These are a perfect choice for homes with heavy traffic in the living area, so it is a popular choice for couch material because it has a stain-resistant finish. But, if the humidity levels change, leather is very prone to scuffs and may break. Leather couch cleaning requires specialized and professional upholstery cleaning products to clean. 

2. Cotton

Cotton is an airy and sturdy fabric that is the best choice for upholstery material. It does not hold good for some spaces where there is a danger of many people congregating at once like the living room. This couch material isn’t quite as simple to clean, even when treated and rendered stain-resistant. As pure cotton quickly absorbs stains and colours despite its ability to resist stacking, the materials made from tightly woven cotton like Denim and Canvas are the most creative. 

3. Suede

To add a dash of upscale glitz, you can invest in a sturdy suede fabric material for the couch. Even though this sofa material might be lovely, it also requires additional suede upholstery care. Their regular maintenance is necessary to make sure you are getting the most out of it. But, it can also get dirty rather quickly, when you have pets and kids at home, despite being a reasonably robust cloth. Though, if you frequently clean your upholstery, you should not be concerned. But for suede couch cleaning, you may need to hire a professional cleaner every time.

4. Chenille

Chenille fabrics are considered best for your upholstery because they are durable and comfortable and have a high-piled surface. As they are often soft to the touch, they add a subtle fuzzy feeling to your furniture. But on exposure to strong sunlight, chenille loses durability. The cleaning difficulty increases with this effect. 

5. Nylon

Because this couch material is reasonably resistant to stains and damage, Nylon is frequently regarded as the best fabric for couches. It can also withstand fading and discolouration when blended, in addition to being a durable upholstery material for couches. Easy to clean and can withstand machine washing.

6. Linen

Linen is a coveted material for couches due to its durability and opulent aesthetic. This type of couch fabric is best suited for families having pets, young children, and adult residents. This fabric is made of a loose weave so this doesn’t withstand pressure well. Lighter colours fall short of other fabrics when it comes to stain resistance and it is challenging to maintain wrinkle-free clothing at all times. 

7. Wool

Since they are cosy and strong, wool and wool mixes are the best materials to use for your couches. They are a suitable option for houses with children as they don’t tend to pile up or wrinkle much. Even in the event of spills and stains, wool is also simpler to spot clean and dust may be removed by just vacuuming. But it is not the best option for hot areas, because it absorbs heat easily. 

8. Velvet

It is the ideal illustration of the opulent lifestyle. It is one of the best ways to spruce up your decor and textured cloth is the epitome of luxury. It is a perception that velvet would be more difficult to maintain and a more expensive material, despite velvet being relatively simple to keep. Compared to other materials, it can withstand normal use and abrasion. For Velvet Couch Cleaning, dry cleaning is the best option but some can be spot cleaned with care. 

9. Polyester

When you think about couch fabrics, Polyester is the first synthetic fibre that comes to mind. It has a significant benefit, in that it is more stain-resistant than other natural materials. In addition to this, it is also a non-allergic material, which causes skin sensitivities and sneezes in a very small amount. As a synthetic material, it can be used to mimic the texture and appearance of a leather sofa. It is also easy to clean and can usually be machine-washed without issues.

Considerations To Take Into Account When Choosing Couch Upholstery Material

There are some important considerations that you have to take into account while choosing a couch material as follows:

  1. You should choose a more durable synthetic fibre for your couch rather than a natural one when you have small children and animals. Go in favour of something more durable and avoid wool, cotton, and leather.
  2. The choices you make must take into account how you anticipate using your couch. If you occasionally like to take naps on your sofa, choose a softer fabric.
  3. Choose a sturdy, stain-resistant couch, if you want to relax and watch TV in your living room.
  4. You should go for polyester or a comparable non-allergic material for a couch as it is the ideal choice for a couch material if any of your family members have any kind of allergies.
  5. Always remember that your couch is a great investment so consider a long-lasting solution for it.


You should choose the best material for your expensive couch according to your preferences, financial constraints, and way of life because each of these materials has distinctive qualities. This guide on how to choose couch fabrics must have given some insights regarding couch fabrics and their qualities that make them choices for different people. Always follow the above considerations which help you get the most suitable approach for picking up the fabric for your luxurious couch. But you should provide proper care while cleaning them because some can be simply cleaned while some may show cleaning difficulties. Hence, it is always advisable to contact a professional couch cleaner for cleaning any type of fabric for proper maintenance and good health.