How To Clean Leather Furniture?

Furniture that is kept clean not only looks better but also has a much longer lifespan. While cleaning a house’s worth of leather furniture may look daunting, it does not necessarily have to be challenging. Most of the time, routine vacuuming and dusting along with twice-yearly deep cleanings will keep your furniture looking great. In this blog, we will guide you on how to clean leather furniture. Let’s get started.

How To Clean Leather Furniture

Microfibre Wipe Down

First, wipe down the surface area of your leather furniture using a microfibre cloth. It will not only clean the furniture but also eliminate dust and debris.

Scrubbing Using a Damp Cloth

In case the furniture is having stubborn stains, you can get a scrubbing damp cloth to remove it from the leather. It should be done very cautiously as it may cause damage to the furniture.

Clean Using Soap Or Cleaning Liquid

If not getting the desired results, use cleaning soap or cleaning solutions which are chemical free. Gentle use of it helps to obtain the results.

Dry Your Furniture

At last, make sure to wipe out all wet areas properly using a dry cloth or rag. It will help you turn into an expert on how to clean leather furniture? yourself.

6 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Furniture

Daily-used furniture is vulnerable to wear and tear. Here are 10 tips for providing the lifespan of your furniture.

  1. Move Furniture With Caution

Do not push or drag the furniture. Additionally, this can scratch or scrape your flooring along with harming your furniture. Ask for assistance to lift and carry any heavy furniture, such as a sofa, to the required area. By moving your furniture carefully, you can extend its lifespan.

  1. Keep It Clean And Fresh

Regular upholstery cleaning and dusting and time-to-time vacuuming will make the appearance of your furniture fresh and clean. Your furniture may start to seem outdated due to small pieces of dust accumulating over time. Always be careful to take care of stains immediately as you can. Eliminate odours and maintain furniture without using chemical-based solutions.

  1. Don’t Buy Cheap Furniture

Furniture purchased for a low cost will be of low quality. Poor quality will also be present in the leather, wood, paint job, polishing, and finishings. To save money, this will not be a wise decision. You will incur significant maintenance and repair expenses over time. On the other hand, if you decide to get high-quality furniture, it will be in use for a lot longer and also lower maintenance and repair costs. Make a wise choice, and if you’re unsure, seek professional guidance.

  1. Defend Against Water Stains

You can use coasters that are readily accessible based on the style and colour scheme of your furniture. These attractive coasters are actually very useful in protecting your furniture from stains and markings caused by liquids. Extending the life of your furniture is another benefit.

  1. Inspect Furniture For Scratches

Scratches won’t go away on their own. Your furniture’s issues can be resolved by locating the scratches and using the appropriate remedy. The best course of action is to inspect your furniture and address any issues before they become more serious. Your furniture will have longer life as a result.

  1. Refinishing Or Repainting

Still worried, about how to clean leather furniture? Try refinishing or repainting your furniture if it’s still in good condition but appears slightly aged. Any outdated furniture can be turned into brand new once again by refinishing with paint and polish.


The above-shared points will definitely help you out on how to clean leather furniture. You will not face any difficulties if the above steps and leather furniture cleaning tips described are followed properly. It may feel challenging in the beginning but once you will see the results, you will call yourself an expert for sure. Even if you have any doubts about furniture cleaning, we suggest you take professional services for leather upholstery cleaning in Adelaide.